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It's easy to create a natural-looking media with ArtStudioPro. Simply load an image and choose an effect media such as Colored Pencil, Crayon, Marker, Technical Pen or Watercolor.

ArtStudioPro is designed to increase your productivity by doing most of the work for you. After you have chosen your medium, enhance your image with one of the support filters, like Colored Pencil Outline, to give your masterpiece definition and dimension.

Presets are available to give instant results or start your project off fast. Experiment by mixing different Medias to give your creation a customized style.

Colored Pencil

Gives the look of thin or thick pigmented leads that blend easily by adjusting a few simple sliders. Duplicating the colored pencil "layer" gives the look of multiple shades and colors. This effect allows for heavy layering, while colors below remain bright and brilliant.


Has the look of a heavy wax crayon, thick with color, or a sharp new crayon that will lightly color or shade. Try changing your stroke style to "scribble" and have some fun.


Will deliver brilliant strokes of color in fine point, medium weight, or broad strokes. Markers are great for signs, posters, and all kinds of crafts. Try adjusting the paper texture slider to give the look ofan opaque ink on porous and non-porous surfaces.


Provides uninterrupted, productive drawing time. This effect gives the look of dense, even-flowing lines of controlled widths. Don't settle on black, any color of ink can be used alone or mixed with other artistic medias.


Is a design media essential for architects, designers, and graphic artists in order to develop and communicate their ideas effectively. Combine this effect with watercolor base & watercolor drystrokes to paint the lights, mid tones, and shadows that appear to cast in a single wash. Add watercolor detail to give dark accents as necessary.

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