Our Design Outcomes

A Branding Agency That Turns Your Brand Into An Experience​

And it takes an empathic branding agency to help you do it. Grafik conveys your brand identity through uplifting messages and images that sear into the mind. Our services run the whole gamut of branding design, from advertising to creative social media.

Every story has a beginning, middle, and end. This is where it all starts.


Brand Strategy

Our branding agency Melbourne creates an actionable plan that speaks to your vision. With true intent and purpose, our brand strategy doesn’t just differentiate you from the competition – it also captures the many facets of your brand identity and combines them into a fascinating whole. This steers your campaign in the right direction from day one.


Brand Design

As a Melbourne brand consultant, we understand that brand identity design services must achieve a delicate balance between consistency and reinvention. This informs all our creative decisions, from logo design down to font choice. Our brand expert spares no effort when it comes to the look and feel of every campaign.



Renewal comes through fresh ideas and new perspectives. A brand specialist helps consumers see your brand through a different lens, one that reminds them why it is still as relevant as ever. Only a rebranding agency like Grafik can tell the story of your brand’s evolution.

How We Work

Brand Consultants That Work With You To Identify Your Strongest Story

Grafik goes beyond visuals. We scratch beneath the surface to show people what your brand truly stands for. By offering the full spectrum of design services, from advertising to social media, we help you understand your voice and tell your story.

Sustainable Branding Design.

The greatest and most recognisable brands are hardly static. They flourish over time, changing along with the needs and attitudes of the public. And yet they retain their essence, that intangible quality that makes them what they are.

That’s why Grafik goes beyond functional and distinctive design to create a sustainable brand identity – one that is highly adaptable as your vision expands to different markets, product lines, and channels.

A sustainable brand identity lends itself well to longevity and prestige. Grafik caters to forward-thinking brands that have plans to stick around for a long time.

Connection On A Deeper Level.

Powerful branding doesn’t rest on pure aesthetic. It resonates with consumers on an emotional level. When consumers feel a connection, they are more likely to become ardent supporters of your brand.

Emotion drives consumer behaviour. A dress is not just a dress – it’s a marker of taste and individuality. A cup of coffee evokes memories of past conversations. A chair stands for economy and functionality.

Brand design isn’t so much about creating a stylish logo as it is about the idea that stands behind the logo. Grafik strikes a chord through clear and consistent messages as told through your brand’s unique voice. We combine design, strategy, research, and psychology to add genuine and lasting value to your brand.

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Who We Are

Connect With A Rebranding Agency Melbourne To Unlock Your Brand’s Potential

All branding companies can create a good logo and print it on some packaging. But not just all branding companies will take the time to really get to know your brand identity.

Grafik is here to listen – when you work with us, you enter a collaborative partnership where ideas flow and your brand shines.

A brand identity agency helps carve out your niche in a competitive market by refining and communicating a brand identity to forges a powerful connection with consumers.

While a branding agency designs logos, font, websites, and packaging, their function goes beyond that, as they work to influence how consumers, employees, investors, and critics perceive your brand and your position in the industry.

An agency also strives to enhance consumers’ experience of your brand and present your values to the world. They strive to create a seamless and consistent experience of your brand across a range of online and offline platforms.

A digital branding agency takes over the technical, strategic, and creative development of digital, or screen-based, products and services. Their specialisations include search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media, e-commerce, PPC advertising, web design, and more.

Some digital branding companies act primarily as consultants and partner with a third party for production, while others have a team that does production in-house.

Any company or entrepreneur in a competitive industry will benefit greatly from the services of a digital branding agency.

Choosing the best digital branding agency for your business will depend largely on your needs, preferences, communication style, and budget.

Corporate branding is the practice of incorporating the name and logo of a company in its advertising and communications with stakeholders. Think corporate ads and company giveaways like stationery pads, pens, and umbrellas.

More than selling goods or services, corporate branding is about capturing the essence of a company that sets it apart from competitors and makes an indelible mark on the minds of consumers.

When done effectively, corporate branding comes with many benefits, such as increased awareness, customer loyalty, and greater success with entering new markets and territories.

Branding fee refers to the amount or rate that a branding agency Australia charges you for their services. Pricing models vary per agency; however, most agencies will charge a branding fee based on the scope of the project and the expected deliverables.

Many branding companies also operate on a retainer basis in order to maintain a working relationship with their clients.

Some agencies charge clients a fixed fee for services that address specific aspects of their branding in what is usually called a “menu-type” pricing model.

An increasing number of agencies are also using value or performance-based pricing models. Although this arrangement is riskier than traditional models, it presents opportunities for bigger earnings.

Branding touches on who you are and what makes you different as a business while marketing covers the ways through which you go about building brand awareness.

In other words, the former is more about strategy, while the latter leans more towards goals, tools, and tactics.

You don’t need to have just one or the other – your brand identity serves as the core of your marketing efforts, and marketing delivers the messages that your brand wants to convey.

While it’s possible to achieve success without branding when you have slick marketing in place, any benefits you gain would be far more substantial if you invest in a sustainable brand identity to go with your marketing efforts.

We employ a variety of techniques and strategies for effective digital branding. These include search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), media buying, and more.

Our agency will also take charge of the creative aspect of your branding strategy by developing original logo designs, images, taglines, and copy to communicate your brand effectively to audiences.

We either follow or buck branding design trends, depending on which approach will have more of an impact on your brand.

As a rebranding agency, we can reinvigorate an established or struggling brand by updating its branding design and creating appropriate messaging to connect with consumers.

Grafik has over 15 years of experience in brand identity design, which allows us to offer the best service possible. Get in touch with our brand specialist today to learn more about our methods and processes.