A graphic design studio in Melbourne that creates brands.

Our Design Outcomes

A graphic design agency that makes you unstoppable

Brand differentiation. Audience acknowledgement. Emotional resonance.
These aren’t just buzzwords. These are the results we deliver. Grafik design studio helps you charge through the noise and brings your brand to the forefront of your consumers mind.


Unrivaled Creativity

We take storytelling seriously. We put the emphasis on clear, powerful messages that create the most resonance with your audience. Our creativity allows us to craft the right message for the right medium, at just the right time. Never one to recycle ideas from past trends, Grafik values inventiveness above all else.


Brand Strategy

Our graphic design services are focused on brand cohesion. Everything we do, from logo design to digital campaigns, speaks to your brand. By sending a consistent message across all channels and mediums, we unite brand appearance and perception for maximum brand recognition and long term value.


Brand Awareness

Grafik is a graphic design firm that grows your brand, not just for the moment, but for decades to come. Like a gift that keeps on giving, the work we do stays with you – and your audience – for a very long time, and will continue to add value to your brand. The result is heightened customer awareness that translates to prestige and sales.

How We Work

A graphic design company that turns your brand into an experience

Grafik goes beyond visuals. We scratch beneath the surface to show people what your brand truly stands for. By offering the full spectrum of design services, from advertising to social media, we help you understand your voice and tell your story.

What We Do

15 years of experience has taught us to work within the constraints our clients face on a daily basis. Because of this, we offer creative solutions to mundane problems. Our graphic design company takes pride in resourcefulness and innovation.

We don’t believe in trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator. We take a targeted and well thought-out approach to design, discerning your customers and their specific wants and needs.

No two projects are the same and we adjust our methods and strategies as we see fit. Our flexibility and insight enable us to offer unmatched results.

How We Work

The only way to promote brand awareness is to develop a deep understanding of your business and your guiding philosophy.

As a graphic design studio, Grafik has a genuine passion and curiosity in getting to know your business. Every brand has a story to tell. We want to know what that story is and what values you stand for, so that we, in turn, can communicate what makes you unique.

Our approach to graphic design has allowed us to help start up brands big name brands to stay relevant in a rapidly changing global landscape. We have also helped yet-to-be-discovered brands carve out a niche in saturated market and hold their own against bigger and more established businesses.

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Who We Are

Your search for a graphic design studio in Melbourne ends here

We are a team of creatives and graphic design experts in Melbourne. Our style is diverse – we adapt to your tone, personality, and perspective no matter your industry or specialisation. We enjoy nothing more than learning about your brand and brainstorming design ideas that reflect your true potential as a business.

Employing the right strategies can lead to long-term brand awareness, which paves the way for top of mind awareness. Rise above the competition and take your rightful place as the top brand in your niche.  

Our design portfolio speaks for itself. Over the past 15 years, we’ve worked with a string of high profile clients, from Goodyear Autocare to Swarovski. Your business is safe with us.  As one of the most trusted names in design and part of the well established Contevo group, we provide superior service.

We understand the need for continuous feedback. Find out how your campaign is performing, and discover the nitty-gritty of our design processes. Our team keeps you looped in on the latest developments in your project.

By aligning ourselves with your brand identity, values, and goals, we create clear and actionable briefs that translate to incredible design. Our briefs guide the creation of unique and impactful materials that benefit your brand.

By aligning ourselves with your brand identity, values, and goals, we create clear and actionable briefs that translate to incredible design. Our briefs guide the creation of unique and impactful materials that benefit your brand.

We elevate your brand by communicating your unique selling value in a way that is compelling and memorable. We tell stories that capture your brand and motivates customers to take action.